Institutional Support

Public Schools

The RMAG Foundation facilitates earth science teaching in the public schools on request by providing speakers and tutors on earth science topics, by providing mineral and rock study kits, and by serving as panelists on high school student earth science presentations.

Dinosaur Ridge

The RMAG Foundation awards grants to the Dinosaur Ridge Museum to support programs for school children and to provide for other needs when requests coincide with the mission and objectives of the Foundation.


The RMAG Foundation provides grants to support noteworthy geoscience publications of RMAG and other earth science societies and organizations.

Scientific Meeting Support

The RMAG Foundation has supported scientific meetings such as the Petroleum History Institute, providing for student registration fees and travel.

The Foundation supports the “On the Rocks” fieldtrip programs offered each summer by the RMAG. These one- to two-day-long trips are for RMAG members, students, and faculty  to educational geologic sites throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming.